Getting a Patent - No Attorney Needed When you can Diy

The process of can i patent an idea is simple, but having a legal ace working for you can prove beneficial. There's two main requirements necessary to receive a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The foremost is to successfully provide an invention that is unique and new that truly qualifies for a patent. If there is already a product that is similar, then filling for a patent would be a total waste of time. In order to save yourself time, consider the data base around the USPTO website and find out if the idea may be seriously considered before and is also already legally covered. When it is not covered yet, start together with your invention.

When creating your invention, take notes and work from drawings. It is best to do the drawings yourself. In the event you outsource your idea with a low priced draftsman, then you'll need to prove the idea was yours if this type of draftsman beat one to the filing application for that invention.

Your invention can be an step up from a preexisting product which has commercial value. This is an important concept to remember. If the invention won't benefit the public, a patent will never be awarded.

When declaring the patent, there are services that will help you for any price. You can work with a lawyer which just about always be more expensive, or do-it-yourself. The benefit of having a lawyer is the process following your application is submitted. Nearly all are rejected through the USPTO upon their first submission and will need changes in the application form for that submission to be reviewed again. Lawyers concentrate on el born area and can hasten this area of the process.

Just remember, finding a patent isn't necessarily easy just because you've got a great invention, politics are involved as the US government is involved.

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